Pegueot 508 GT (2014) – Taxi Serbia

Before any considerations on the way the 508 drives, the most obvious change over its predecessor, is a newfound sense of maturity.


Pegueot 508 GTPegueot 508 GT

The exterior styling has lost some of the quirkiness of the 407, and potentially is a little more bland as a consequence, but the interior is an unqualified step forward. Comfortable spacious and noticeably more upmarket. Clearly this GT model represents the 508 in its best light, with full leather trim and full colour information screens, but in the design, arrangement and action of the main switchgear the 508 is class-leading.All that at Taxi Serbia.

Beautiful design, high-tech equipment and comfort are all included in our new Peugeot 508 GT.

  • DVD/MP3, radio and CD player
  • the finest sound system
  • leather seats
  • automatic air conditioning
  • seat heaters
  • GPS guidance
  • tinted glass


As is overall refinement. Helped by a standard fit acoustic windscreen and dampers on the front axle to reduce engine vibration, the 508’s cabin is remarkably hushed, in terms of wind, road and engine noise. Other engines in the range, which include two 1.6-litre petrols, and several diesels including an e-HDi version with stop-start and emissions of 109g/km, may be more vocal, but this 2.2-litre is impressively quiet.

There is however no choice of gearbox with this engine, a six-speed automatic mandatory. Although this remains a conventional torque converter auto, it is not embarrassed by rivals’ dual-clutch systems. While the shifts are not quite as instantaneous they’re still quick enough, and for slow speed manoeuvres a torque converter is still superior.