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Another airport “Constantine the Great” in Serbia is placed in city Nis which is 237 kilometers far from Belgrade, capitol of Serbia. Sometimes due to bad weather conditions, thick fog or snow, airplanes are rerouted from Belgrade airport to “Constantine the Great” in Nis. That can ruin your plans and you can lose a half day or more at the start of you vacation in Serbia.Don’t worry, we are here to save the day! With our branches in whole Serbia, we can get fast to your location and drive you quickly and safely to arranged place. You will also receive cold refreshment and wet tissues.

If you have come in a large group, we can quickly organise a minivan, minibus or a bus. Also we can offer you a louxorious cars like Mercedes, BWM and Peugeot, depending of your taste for cars. You can see here all our vehicles which are one or two years old.

Beside new and safe vehicles, our drivers have years and years experience on roud. They can manage in any unpredictable situation and drive you fast and always on time to your destination. You will have no problem in communication because every driver speaks several languages.

We can pick you up at any location in Nis and drive you to any other location in Serbia or countries near by. Also we can arange a sightseeing or organise a tourism tour through Serbia and wider accross borders. Tour can last one or more days. At your disposal will be the driver and the proffesional tourist guide.

We can guarantee lowest prices for airport shuttle transfer from Nis to any other city or state. Also we can guarantee comfort, safe and fast transfer.

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