Bus Setra 417 HDH



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Maximum capacity needed? The double-decker Setra TopClass S 431 DT meets requirements for maximum seat capacity. With a standard configuration of 83 passenger seats and a length of 13.89 m, it exemplifies perfect use of space. At the same time the highest Setra is very flexible: it is ideally suitable as a classic long-distance tourer, a long-distance service bus and also as a particularly comfortable bistro bus with a lounge on the lower deck and highly individual appointments here in Taxi Serbia.


The same applies to its safety technology. The double-decker now has an actively steered trailing axle with independent suspension. As standard it is equipped with the electronic stability program ESP including numerous sub-functions. It is available with Lane Assistant and adaptive cruise control including Active Brake Assist. Whether thanks to Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or Attention Assist – the Setra is not only in keeping with its time, it is ahead of it. The double-decker bus will likewise receive ABA 3 from mid-2015.
The reinforced front section meets the requirements of the pendulum impact test according to ECE-R 29. The bonded windscreen improves the aerodynamics and reduces wind noise. The cockpit has adopted the displays, colour display and operating structure, the electronic ignition key, the leather-covered multifunction steering wheel and transmission operation by steering column stalk from the TopClass 500.
As part of the redesign of the rear end for Euro VI and the new engines, the Setra’s driver benefits from a considerably wider luggage compartment door. The compartment for suitcases and bags now also has a level floor for easier loading.
Passengers with restricted mobility will welcome a new feature at door two: this is available in the optional width of 1150 mm rather than the standard 900 mm, and together with an optional folding ramp it allows wheelchair users convenient access to the lower deck. In this case a wheelchair space with airline securing rails is provided on the right-hand side.