Ethno & Cultural Tourism

Experience something completely new, yet old!

Incredible ethno adventure, offering the unique experience for travellers across the world. Picturesque journey, moderate off-road challenges, with a primary focus on the dramatic landscape and famous landmarks of western Serbia, visiting mountains, monasteries, experience of original family hospitality and customs, with vehicles and final gathering at the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.

Wake up in the warm embrace of peace and quiet and spend your day surrounded by the famous Serbian hospitality. Learn an old craft or two in beautiful nature. And indulge in the deliciousness of traditional Serbian cuisine. Head to one of Serbia’s enchanting ethno villages and you’ll fall in love with Serbia even more – that we can promise you here in Ethno – Taxi Serbia.

Ethno - Taxi Serbia

You just have to pick the location you want and we will take you there safely and timely, in cooperation with our partner travel agencies.

With our minibuses and buses with drivers, we will transport smaller or larger groups to their place of interest. You can choose a daily rent of our minibus and we can take you in sightseeing tour of the local amenities, if you’re traveling to the spot for the first time. Our drivers are responsible for your safety and comfort at all times.

Not only do we provide reliable buses and experienced drivers, but we also have fully equipped vehicles, with central air and heating, DVD player and monitors, CD player, P/A system, under bus cargo bays and overhead storage.

Ethno villages

Taxi Serbia Belgrade Airport

Nowhere else on Earth can you feel the traditional spirit of Serbia as intensely as in its ethno villages, scattered across the hidden and most beautiful landscapes this wonderful country has to offer.


Taxi Serbia Belgrade Airport

Skadarlija is a historic place in cobbled lanes and alleys in the residential borough called Dorcol in the downtown Belgrade. It is considered the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade


Taxi Serbia Belgrade Airport

The Serbian capital of Belgrade offers a number of unique museum experiences for those wishing to learn more about the art, history, culture and prominent individuals from this region and the wider Balkans.

Sightseeing of Belgrade

Taxi-Serbia-Belgrade-kalemegdan sightseeing
Taxi Serbia Belgrade Airport

With its turbulent, war-torn past, Belgrade is like a phoenix rising from the ashes to become one of today’s hottest European capitals.



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Taxi Serbia Belgrade Airport