Mercedes 519 CDI

Mercedes 519 CDI-Taxi Serbia



The most powerful version CDI 519 is used both by those who have large cargos to transport or those who are converting these vans into minibuses. It surely is Vario’s replacement – another famous long-lasting transporter, but it was no longer fitted for our times.Call us,and check why we are the best – Taxi Serbia.


With an interior volume of 17 mc, the cargo compartment’s length of 4.8 m and a height of 2.14 m, this Sprinter is more of a small studio. Usually studios does not have three entries but this van meets this criteria – an important advantage for those who must load or unload the van especially in the neighbourhoods where very few manoeuvres are possible. If you think about it, most studios don’t even have a KEYLESS entry type, not even a powered door, but a Sprinter offers all these facilities. In Mercedes-Benz characteristic style, Sprinter comes equipped with some cargo anchor points. But the safety equipments have just begun.

  • 20+1 comfortable rotating seats;
  • AC;
  • DVD/mp3, radio and CD player with Android platform;
  • FullHD 3D LCD tv;
  • Dolby surround sound for movie and music enjoyment;
  • Wireless microphone for tour guide;
  • New baby seats.
  • Safety belts on all seats;
  • GPS navigation with all countries and vehicle tracking;
  • USB phone chargers next to every seat;
  • Laptop chargers;
  • Automatic door;
  • Automatic footstep for elderly;
  • Fridge for hot summer days;
  • Free wifi while in Serbia ( fee for wifi outside of Serbia );