Mercedes E class (2018)

Mercedes E class (2018) – Taxi Serbia

All our 12 Mercedes E class 2018 are always in excellent condition and ready for your immediate travel with Taxi Service Belgrade.

The Mercedes E Class Taxi Service Serbia concentrates all the expertise of Mercedes-Benz in terms of comfort as well as safety. It will surprise you with its athletic design and its interior elegance. The Mercedes E Class is the obvious ally for all your business trips with taxi service in Serbia, with maximum comfort. Choose the E Class: choose comfort, luxury, space and safety.

Our goal is to make sure no matter if you are celebrating a party, prom, wedding, corporate event or just a business meeting in Belgrade, Taxi Service Serbia is one that you will remember. Arriving in style with Mercedes E class 2018  will make you feel special and is meant for the highest level of comfort and luxury.

We can say that the most important thing for us is your safety and comfort. So it could be are the best choice for CEOs and private individuals due to our high attention to the quality and reliability. The Mercedes E-Class cabin flows with the contours of nature. Fine-tailored seats are sculpted to match the muscles in your body.

Exotic yet sustainable woods sweep door-to-door, their natural glow edge-lit by 64-colour LED ambience.

We’ll handle the details of your corporate travel so you can focus on preparing for your meeting. We can accommodate groups of any size with our limo’s fleet of 12 luxury Mercedes E class ready to take you and your colleague wherever you need to go. High professional standards, trustworthiness and the quality of limo service are the guarantee for an efficient service adjustable to every occasion.