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Wine tours – Taxi Serbia


Nothing improves an understanding and appreciation of wine more than visiting the wineries and the people who make it. You have spare time between flight-what to do? With our partner travel agencies, we will tailor a wine tour to your needs, with the recreational activities and wine and delicacies tastings. Wine tours – Taxi Serbia.

For all tours up to 50 people you can rent our vehicles at the best rates or we can organize the whole tour across the wine roads of Serbia, along with sightseeing of the best wineries, festivals and fairs. If you have spear time between the flights, call us, and we can provide best offers for wine tour in Serbia! From Fruska Gora, to border of Kosovo, Wine tours – Taxi Serbia are there for you!


Call us, and we can provide best short trip in Serbia! There is countless wineries around Belgrade, only 45min from airport. Best wines, lucnh and dinner meals, great view on Serbia surandings, all that with Taxi Serbia!


Wine tours - Taxi Serbia


Region of Župa, that is compared by wine connoisseurs with French Bordeaux because of similar climate conditions, represents one of most famous wine-growing regions of Serbia. So-called „Serbian Champagne“ has been for centuries producing wines consumed by Celts, Romans, Byzantines, medieval Serbia rulers, Turks… On slopes of Kopaonik and Jastrebac mountains in the valley of Western Morava in perfect climate conditions authentic sorts of grape are grown


Nothing improves an understanding and appreciation of wine more than visiting the wineries and the people who make it. Definitely it is more than a bottle with a label. It is a landscape, a vineyard, and a sensory experience forever associated with the personality of the man or woman who made it.


1. Cellar Radovanović

Miodrag Radovanovi? has inprinted thirty years of experience as an oenologist and the knowledge base gained at the Univeristy of Belgrade into all our wines, making them distinctive and authentic.As one of the best and most experienced Serbian viticulturists, he knew how to combine the abundance of nature and serious and systematic work, first in the vineyard, and then in the cellar as well. In our case, the primary and only goal of using modern technology is to preserve what grapes give us when it is harvested and to create a distinct link between its best characteristics and those reflected in our wines.


We are playing a game with nature and its gifts which results in the creation of finest wines from Podrum Radovanović.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia


 2.Milijan Jelic -Jelic cellar

Choosing a different path, the Jelic family began their wine story in 2002, among four rivers and four mountains, along the mythical coast of Panonian sea nearby Valjevo town. There was where arose wine which is produced today, using latest today’s winemaking technologies, and maturated in the way as our ancestors used to… deep under the ground beneath domestic hills where it is also born.Down Valjevo mountain slopes with the most gorgeous exposures, at the ideal height above the sea level and under the specific microclimatic conditions, which are more than suitable for growing grapevine, twenty hectares of vine are planted.


After great successes of Milijan Jelic’s wine cellar, a few wine admirers started to invest in wine cellars in Pocerina, which should serve as a satisfaction to all good-natured people from the world of wine.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia


3.Kovačević Winery

A family tradition of wine production, over 100 years old, was taken over by Miroslav Kovačević a decade ago, creating a new, modern winery, with the idea of  introducing the wine and wine industry experiences of his father and his grandfathers with the help of state-of-the-art wine technology in the 21st century.In the last ten years, the Kovačević Winery has been working intensively with the most distinguished Fruška Gora grape growers, not only in order to produce the highest quality grapes on the best Fruška Gora plots .


Vineyards and technologists constantly visit the vineyards and choose the varieties that will be part of the big brand Kovacevic, they get an idea for creating new wines.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia


4.Vinarija Aleksandrović

Family Aleksandrović has been involved in viticulture and winemaking for more than 100 years. Our great grandfather Miloš Aleksandrović was one of the founders of Vinča Winegrowers Cooperative in 1903. Until the beginning of World War Two the family had 30,000 vines and it always maintained the close cooperation of the viticulturists and winemakers of the royal cellars. The tradition had been continued by our grandfathers Života and Aleksandar Aleksandrović.


Sunny slopes, a rich structure of the soil, favorable winds and mild climate represent a natural gift which is translated to the top quality wines from Aleksandrović Winery.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia



5.Zvonko Bogdan Winery

Zvonko Bogdan Winery started its way in 2008 when it headed for a clear aim to produce top-quality wines that bear the stamp of the region from which they come, by combining the specificity and tradition of Palic vineyards with the latest French technology.Anchored in the sea of  its vineyards on the eastern shore of Lake Palic, in the north of Serbia, Winery was built in the Art Nouveau style, typical of the traditional architecture of  Palic and the nearby town of Subotica.

The Winery is named after a famous singer of old songs, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, whose art and the name are synonyms for the ultimate experience, such as wine and Zvonko Bogdan wineries.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia



6.Malca Winery

 Wine lovers, will be able to experience in a more than a 115 years old wine cellar a kind of timetravel. Through viewing 4 different ways of wine making, you will experience 4 time periods and enjoy in wine characteristic for each of that periods. We also have a Restaurant “Gostionica on wine road” with extraordinary food offer made with recepies from different time periods like: Roman, Serbian, Vegetarian and Middleage.

Nice place to visit and see all stages in process of vine producing, especially how it was done in Ancient Rome times.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia



7.Temet Winery

Honouring nature, the sun and the land, Temet winery was erected on top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards. Its creation is an exciting road filled with discoveries and challenges. The word Temet derives from the Latin word Temetum , which means – a strong and powerful wine with character.


The winery can be reached in 15 minutes from the highway turnoff for Jagodina.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia



8.Jeremic Winery

Jeremi? Winery is located in Smederevo – JUGOVO, 40 km from Belgrade. It was registered in 2010 as a department of the company “EKO mineral doo “owned by Jeremi? family from Smederevo. Once it was home wine-making but it became a modern winery, which applies traditional methods in the most modern equipment using new professional knowledge.


Wine and grapes represent the value of an authentic region, the people and the creative spirit in it. The effort pays back through wine quality.

Wine tours - Taxi Serbia




9.Cellar Panajotović

Candle lit underground where walls whisper since Roman times? Visit us! Story of unusual underground passages and little family winery brings wine lovers from all over the world. Cellar Panajotovic hosts tours through underground Roman passages with wine tasting throughout all summer. We prepared chilled wines of all shades and tastes, pleasant temperature.


Cellar Panajotović hosts tours through underground Roman caves with wine tasting throughout whole year.


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